During 2010

A consortium founded Kingfisher Investment Group, KIG, in central London. Since then, KIG has spread into several markets, with investments in finance for cars and heavy machinery, real estate, elite sports services, and medical software.


Today, Kingfisher Investment Group has offices in Los Angeles, Moscow, Melbourne and Toulouse. Our corporate headquarters are in London, while our interests span Asia, Australasia, Europe and North America.

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We are a dynamic group seizing market opportunities, with the benefit of specialist expertise.

As a result, KIG has developed a number of businesses. It’s first, Stone XXI Finance & Leasing, continues as an expert player in car and heavy machinery leasing for Britain and Europe. KIG also founded Kingfisher Residential Property.

While KRP is set to make its first central London investment this year, 2012 saw us re-focus on investments in the sports industry.


We acquired JPA Worldwide.
This sports management company allows KIG to offer all the services of a sports agency,
with locations in the UK, US, Australia and France.

Across our Portfolio, we have plans for expansion.